Introducing Glogger by Footprints, New Salesforce Wear App for Apple Watch

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Introducing Glogger by Footprints, New Salesforce Wear App for Apple Watch

Posted by Jonathan Friedman on August 12, 2015

Today, Footprints announced Glogger for Apple Watch, which extends business processes to wearable devices like Apple Watch to help improve mobility and productivity at work.

Footprints is a Salesforce application that provides pop-up reminders based on location. For example, a field rep arrives at an account and his or her Apple Watch would notify that only one more closed Opportunity is needed to make plan and that two of the Contacts are missing email addresses. 

Sales organizations often struggle to get user adoption among field reps, and Footprints has shown an 18 times increase in usage of a company’s sales force automation (SFA) software when deployed. And this translates to increased ROI through the focus and accountability the application provides: an average of a 6 percent increase in sales per quarter by using Footprints.

Key Features of Glogger for Apple Watch

  • Log calls in seconds.
  • Get location-triggered reminders such as Open Tasks right on your wrist.
  • The Account Snapshot view quickly summarizes key customer information


I want to see this thing in action. DOWNLOAD it now.


Get the Glogger by Footprints from Salesforce AppExchange here:

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