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Inside CRM and App Toolbox cover Footprints

Posted by Jonathan Friedman on May 16, 2016

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Do You Know Where You’re Customers Are?


Footprints Mobile, out of San Diego, California, has developed a cloud-based app designed to simplify customer relationship management and enhance it with better customer tracking.  With dozens of similar CRM apps on the market, what makes Footprints Mobile unique is the way they leverage customer location.


The app employs GPS to track customer movement and then dynamically creates geo-fences that define the perimeters of key sales locations, like a factory retail outlet. When a potential client/buyer crosses the boundary of that pre-defined sales radius, a virtual trigger goes off that alerts the sales team.


By integrating this data into the Salesforce platform, Footprints Mobile can access up-to-date information on all of the sales accounts. That way, the app only alerts the right sales rep, on call, in the location where a buyer has been identified. Footprints Mobile also generates real-time news updates, so that when a sales manager walks into a meeting in a new location, she’ll have the latest details on how the client is doing and who the sales reps are in that service area.

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