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Getting Started with Footprints

Posted by Jonathan Friedman on August 6, 2015


This post will help you get started with Footprints.  Our goal is simple: make your CRM more valuable to you.  CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems like are a great repository for lots of information, but it isn’t always valuable to reps and sales management.  Footprints does this by:

  1. Making your CRM easier and faster to use.
  2. Making BIG data .. small.
  3. Getting you information right when you need it.


To get the most value from Footprints, the apps should be set-up properly, and the good news is that this is quick!

Follow these steps to get started, or skip ahead to what you need to succeed!

Step 1: Download and Install the apps.

Grab your login and password, you’ll need them handy.  Then follow the instructions in this video to download the applications.



Click here to download Footprints CRM for Salesforce for your iPad.

Click here to download Glogger for Salesforce to your iPhone or iPad.

Step 2: Double check your settings

What’s your Vector, Victor?  Footprints really won’t work to it’s full potential unless these 4 settings are on.  Checkout this video for instructions:



Step 3: Footprints CRM in 30 seconds

Get the low-down on our powerful iPad app.  You’ll love it!



Step 4: Update Salesforce with Glogger in 30 seconds

Watch this quick video to see how you can save time with Glogger.



Step 5: Glogger Tip & Tricks

We have clearance, Clarence.  You are ready to take off with these great tricks to get you even more efficient with Glogger.



JV, here we come!

If you have downloaded and logged into both apps and watched these videos, you are no longer on the Freshman squad, you are going to Junior Varsity!

Congratulations! Stay tuned to this blog and you’ll be a Varsity Footprints user in no time!


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