Feature Review: “Only Mine” Filter, “Plan Route”, and customizing the Account Snapshot

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Feature Review: “Only Mine” Filter, “Plan Route”, and customizing the Account Snapshot

Posted by Jonathan Friedman on August 19, 2015

Sometimes the little things make a huge difference when it comes to an app making your life easier.  In this post, we provide a quick video demonstration of 3 features that Glogger users told us they wanted.02_02_account_snapshot_address_v05

The first feature, the “Only Mine” feature is pretty straight forward:  I only want to see the Accounts that I own.  That is, in Salesforce.com, I am the Account Owner.  The feature works great and our developers made it perform quickly so you aren’t waiting for it to load.  

Not every organization has a clean 1-to-1 tie between Account Owner and the Account, for example, there

are several division or account teams that call on the customer together.  For now, you’ll have to simply turn the Only Mine switch OFF if you want to see all of the Accounts.  You can search for them using the search bar or filter by distance or # of open tasks assigned to you.

Plan Route will help those road warriors out there that want to quickly get to their next stop without having to type in an address.  If you want, you can also copy the address so that you can easily text it to someone or use it in another app.  

Finally, in the video, we’ll discuss how the Account Snapshot view of your account could contain great information.. some of those key custom fields such as Store Manager or QTD Sales.  But you need to ask your Salesforce Admin to load the Footprints Mobile Managed Package.. so have them get in touch as support@footprintsmobile.com!

Let us know your feedback!


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