Manage Accounts Quickly with Glogger

How to Manage Accounts Quickly and Maximize Sales

How much time do you spend every day managing your accounts?

Updating contact information, adding new accounts, finding phone numbers and email addresses, mapping directions to your next account?

What if you had a mobile solution to keep you running instead of slowing you down?

What if that solution took next to no time to learn?

Think you might have time to chase down a few more opportunities? Check out the mobile Salesforce solution, Glogger, and learn more about streamlining the account management process so you can focus more on increasing sales and making more money.

What You’ll Learn on this Page

On this page, we’ll walk you through the account management aspects of Glogger and fill you in on a time-saving technology known as geo-fencing.

You Hit the Snooze Button, You’re Late, Now What?

No worries, right? Not like you need to prep for the call on your biggest account, make sure you’re on your game and ready to answer the arsenal of questions from your most informed client. Oh wait…

What now? Fake an injury? Call in backup?

What do you do? Remain calm and Glogger on.

You walk in the building, take the stairs and tap the notification that just pulled up on your phone thanks to our geo-fencing technology.

What is Geo-Fencing? Sales Process Streamlined

With Glogger, as you walk in the door, our geo-fencing technology knows you have arrived and sends a notification to your phone. With a single click, you pull up the latest account info and cruise in the door, ready to drop some serious knowledge.

Everything you could need is at your fingertips, no need to sign in, search or tap through a ton of windows in your other mobile sales app.

Geo-fencing essentially casts a net around the building you’re entering. When you walk in the door, it logs your visit and pulls up any relevant information you’ve entered into the app, including a list of clients at this location, their account info and whatever else you tell us you need as you call on this account.

Using GPS, geo-fencing is a virtual barrier that is aware of your arrival. No, it’s not another way to track your every move.

Geo-fencing simply allows you to focus on what really matters: winning with your clients.

Automatic Notifications: Access Account Info Instantly

With automatic notification sent straight to your phone, you walk in the door, ready to act:

“Hey Pam (the assistant and office manager), how are the kids?

Did you enjoy your trip to the Bahamas last week?

What’s on your radar, how’s the doc?

Last time I was here, you were running low on samples of the XYZ pack. Can I place a refill order?

You also mentioned the doc was thinking about an alternative to medication ABC, here’s a couple options.”

BONUS – if you have enabled the news feed, you drop some of the latest news in the office’s industry and email a few links as you leave.

Go ahead, take the elevator, you’ve earned it.

Plus, it’ll give you time to log your activity, define a few tasks for follow up, and leave yourself a few notes for your next visit. Yes, it happens that quickly.

Easily Get from One Account to the Next

When was the last time you got lost driving from one account to the next?

True, GPS has made it much easier to get from one location to another, but how much time do you spend navigating between your mobile sales app and the maps app?

Forget all that and download Glogger. One click and you have the map of your next account. One more click and you’re on the way. Maybe you’ll even have time to stop for that coffee you missed this morning thanks to the snooze button.

Don’t Waste Another Minute Logging Activity On Your Dime

Not only can you access the most relevant info with automatic notifications as you walk in the door, you can log all your activity with the same speed and accuracy.

Thanks to the account snapshot page, you can update all the account data you’ll need:

  • Days Since Last Visit and Date of Most Recent Visit
  • Number of Visits to the Account
  • All Open Tasks and Potential Opportunities
  • Names and Number of Contacts at the Account
  • Number of Employees, Annual Revenue, Industry
  • Curated News Feed to walk in the door and drop some knowledge

Forget waiting until the end of the day: before you map directions to your next account, add your activity and put this account to bed.

While you’re at it, send your manager a text and let her know you just crushed that visit and are onto the next one.

What, You Don’t Like Extra Time and Money?

Gotcha, ok forget all of this and keep doing things the same old way. That’s been working for you, right?

What’s that you say? You want more free time to hit the beach? More money to upgrade that broken down POS in the driveway? You’re gunning for the new opening in management?

You need an edge. Glogger is it.

Grab the Mobile Solution for Salesforce Today

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