How to Increase Opportunities and Close Rate [Part 1 of 2]

How to Increase Opportunities and Close Rate (Part 1 of 2)

You’re more than comfortable with your current accounts, sales are walking through the door, everything is on cruise control at this point barring a major snafu.

Wait… Comfortable? Cruise control? This concept was never part of your vocabulary before.

You need a jumpstart to get that edge back, but how?

The mountain of work and time needed to break into a new industry or win that massive account you’ve been eyeing is overwhelming.

Better stay here, where it’s comfortable…

Forget that, let’s get started.

What You’ll Learn on this Page

This page is part one of two in a series where we’ll discuss how to use Glogger and other online tools to help you identify potential opportunities, close the sale and catapult yourself into the next big pond at the office. Click the links below to get to specific content you’re interested in, or read on.

  • First, Let’s Identify the Opportunity
  • Next, Turn Them into Accounts
  • Let the Chase Begin – Essential Research Tools
  • Go Fish with LinkedIn
  • Last, Stay Consistent, Stay Frosty

Before you continue, check out the Glogger app so you can follow along.

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First, Let’s Identify the Opportunity

No doubt you have a list of the big fish in your industry. Who are they?

First, make a list of them, write them down. Make copies.

Put it up in your office, lay one on your nightstand, leave one in your car. The more you’re thinking about these businesses, the more prepared you will be for the opportunity when it comes along. It may sound hokey, but it will work.

TANGENT: An example to prove the point – your friend gets a new car, one you’ve never seen before, maybe heard of, but certainly not one you’re familiar with. Over the course of the next week, you start seeing this car everywhere, how could you not have noticed this thing. They are literally everywhere.

Synchronicity: the appearance of these cars seems related to your friend’s purchase.

Why not put this type of coincidence to work for you?

Make the list, put it up everywhere. Then wait. The opportunities will present themselves.

Next, Turn Them into Accounts

Just kidding, we’re not going to sit back and wait for the universe to take pity on us, present us with the deal of a lifetime. That’s not going to happen.

Now that you have your list and you’ve wallpapered your house with it, you need to take some action steps in the Glogger app.

  1. Create each account
  2. Enter all the information you have on the account
  3. From the Accounts icon, tap the account you want to work on
  4. Tap the + sign
  5. Tap Opportunity

Now you need to map out the process. Set some goals and a deadline by defining the close date. All of this can be pretty loose because we’re just getting started. Don’t worry if you can’t fill in much information, you will.

Let the Chase Begin – Essential Research Tools

Google will be your best friend during this research phase. Google everything: the goal is to get to know the business and industry better than anyone in your office, or the business itself for that matter.

The research will lead you to further discovery, but here’s some helpful tools, tips and online resources to help inform this process. Also, be sure to record all of this research in the app so it’s at the ready whenever and wherever you need it:

Page 1 of Search Results

We’ll start with the obvious. Search the company name. What shows up on page one? Hopefully the company’s home page is at the top: what does the description say?

Unable to upload apple search result screenshot

This is a good indication of the company’s mission statement and how they see the most important elements of their business. Get to know these concepts well and understand how this statement impacts your goals and the product or service you want to sell them.

What else shows up on page one? LinkedIn company page? Facebook page? Reviews from customers or current employees? Line them up and start reading.

What are the suggested searches at the bottom of the page? Chase down some of the longer tail searches for even deeper research into your specific area.

Business and Industry News

We’re not leaving Google yet. Click on the News tab at the top. What’s the latest?

Search the business name and the industry; search competitors and related fields. Return to this page often. The more you know about the latest trends, the more prepared you’ll be to engage and impress the contacts we’re about to identify.

We can’t stress the importance of this step enough. If you can establish yourself as the authority in the eyes of your potential opportunities, you win. And not just this company’s business. News of your insights and grasp on trending news will travel fast. Not only will you own this company, you’ll take the industry down too.

Custom News Feed in Glogger

Now would also be a good time to set up relevant news feeds for these accounts and industries. For a step-by-step process on how to do this, head over to part 2 of this series now: Custom News Feed in Glogger.

Go Fish with LinkedIn

Admit it, you pay attention to the people coming to you LinkedIn page. And why not, opportunity is knocking.

So why not be the source for some solid synchronicity for your target contacts.

Now that you have the LinkedIn company page, time to go fishing.

Start clicking around through the company’s employees. Plant some seeds by visiting their personal pages. Do they post a lot or about a certain topic? What posts are they liking? What skills have they been endorsed for? What skills or interests do you both share?

Word of advice: Don’t be the stalker type and send unsolicited contact requests. Just learn about them and the company so you’re ready to seize an opportunity when it comes up.

Last, Stay Consistent, Stay Frosty

Now that you’ve made the list, identified all the resources and begun the research process, consistency is key. Stay in the know and keep your eyes and ears open and you’ll catch wind of opportunities within the account and the industry as a whole.

Want to speed this process up? Impatient much? We know the feeling.

Check out our custom news feed tool.

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