Customize Your News Feed to Increase Sales (Part 2 of 2)

Customize Your News Feed to Increase Sales (Part 2 of 2)

Do your accounts see you as a value-add? Or do they squabble with you on every last detail?

Do you increase the value of their business?

Or are you an expense: dollar signs leaving their business with every visit.

Want to flip the tables on your clients? Keep them clamoring for more visits, while increasing your revenue and minimizing the time to close?

Even better, get them talking to their connections about the quality of service and in-depth knowledge you possess?

You need a custom news feed, and Glogger can deliver it.

Become a News Junkie – Win More Clients

Download the mobile sales app now, then start building custom news feeds to generate more profit from your existing client base, while targeting the bigger fish in the pond.

Create Custom News Feeds to Land New Massive Clients

In the first installment of this series, we covered how to increase sales opportunities and close rate. Establishing yourself as the expert in the eyes of your client is essential to staying top of mind, seizing these opportunities and landing that massive account.

If you read the first article, and you’ve done your research, now it’s time to set up your custom news feed. If you haven’t, why? What are you waiting for? Go back, read, research, return.

2 Steps to Create Custom News Feeds

Open the app, tap on the News icon, and tap on the wrench icon on the top right. Now you’re at the News Feed Configuration page.

Now tap the + next to “Custom Feeds” and define the search term you want to build this feed around.

That’s it. Glogger will now aggregate all news from around the web so you can stay up-to-date on the latest developments. Whether it’s a potential client, a new industry, a competitor you want to keep tabs on, the list goes on and is only limited by your imagination and vision.

Keep Clients Wanting More with Custom Account Feeds

First you’ll need to get back to the News Feed Configuration page.

Tap the + next to “Account Feeds.”

You’ll now see a page now titled “Adjust News Feed.” Tap on the Account Feeds bracket to expand the dropdown. Here you’ll see a list of all your accounts.

If the account has a news feed currently turned on, the switch will show green, as in the screenshot below:

If the account does not have a news feed, tap on the switch to turn it on. If you’d like to alter the search term in any way, tap on the pencil and type away

Right Place, Right Time, Right Message

You’re all set. Stay on top of the latest news concerning your most important clients and the bigger fish you’re eyeing, and the opportunities will start rolling in.

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