How to Conquer Salesforce and Increase Sales Now

How to Conquer Salesforce and Increase Sales Now

Are you a new sales rep struggling to make your monthly sales goals?

A seasoned veteran watching sales decline?

Struggling to make Salesforce work for you… We know the feeling. We’ve been there.

What Can You Do?

You put in the work, you’ve committed the hours to training, you can feel the momentum building, you just can’t seem to get over this last hurdle, can’t seem to breakthrough.

If only there was an easy way to manage your accounts better, faster, easier (and make Salesforce work for you for once).

Meet Glogger: the ultimate Salesforce app.

Another App?! No Thanks

What if you were automatically prompted with vital information about your accounts as you walked in the door?

What if you could easily log calls and client activity on your way to the next account?

All while integrating seamlessly with Salesforce?

BONUS: What if you received relevant news updates to establish yourself as the authority in your clients’ eyes? Always placing them ahead of the curve, becoming their resource for the latest trends in their industry?

Sound too good to be true? It’s not. Glogger arms you with the tools to win more business and strips everything else out.

No more busy work, last minute prep, end of day activity logs. Glogger streamlines all of it. Learn more below.

Conquer Salesforce Today
Reps: Stop Making Excuses and Start Selling
Sound familiar? We’ve heard more Salesforce complaints than most. We’ve let loose on more than a few four-letter rants ourselves as we try to explain away the Salesforce problems:

  • Takes too long to find phone numbers or emails
  • Too hard to find notes and client history
  • Current app is too complicated and it is difficult to find what I need
  • Finding directions from one account to the next is a pain
  • I hate logging my activity at the end of the day, on my own time
  • This customer is hit up by so many reps each day, I can’t stand out
  • Who makes the decisions around here anyways?

Stop complaining, stop making excuses, start crushing your quota and impressing your manager today with Glogger.

Learn more about the app and how it can help access the most important info with Salesforce:

Don’t waste any more time, download Glogger today. It’s free and proven to help you close more deals. Trim the fat, become a Salesforce ninja and make some waves in the office.

Whatever you do, don’t just sit there and sing the same sad Salesforce song.

Whip Your Sales Process into Shape
Your sales process is like your body.

What happens if you stop working out, stop pushing your body to the limits, stop feeding it and taking care of it? You slow down.

But, you also need the right equipment and training to make your body work for you. Whether you hit the gym religiously, crush morning runs and evening surf sessions, or chase adventure on the weekends, you’ve got your process and it works for you.

The one unavoidable truth in all of this activity is you’ve got to get your ass in gear. You’ve got to get off the couch and stay motivated.

Your sales process needs exercise too.

It needs a training program, it needs fresh air, it needs the right tools.

You’ve got all these excuses and obstacles in your way. Salesforce is the worst of them: it’s a bad motivator, it’s the extra weight you’ve been trying to shed, it’s the snooze button. How do you break free from all of this clutter and get after it?

You need the right tools and program to keep your process tight and your pitch razor sharp.

Glogger is that tool. Read below to get started with the mobile Salesforce solution today.

How to Start Winning Today
We’ve stripped Salesforce and the sales process in general down to only the most essential pieces, only those things that will help you win the next deal and close fast.

But, before you get started with Glogger today, you’ll need to complete the initial set-up.

2 Steps to Get Started with Glogger

The set-up process for Glogger takes less time than it does to order your morning coffee. Once completed, you’ll be ready to tackle Salesforce and whip your pitch into shape.

  • Download the mobile CRM app from the App Store – Search “Glogger”
  • Open the app and enter your Salesforce login credentials

Now that Glogger is set up and you’ve pulled your Salesforce accounts and information into the app, follow the lists below to fully maximize your impact with the app.

We’ve also created a host of content and quick Glogger videos to help get you up to speed.


Quickly Add and Manage Accounts

Say you’re in a rush and need to get to your next account quick. But where are you headed?

Or, you’re meeting a team member at your next account, but they don’t know where to go.

Quickly plan your route to your next account from the accounts tab. Two clicks and you’ve got directions without having to open maps, copy and paste, or search for the location online.

Or you can copy the address and send as a text.

Thanks to the account snapshot page, you’ve also got all the most relevant account info right there:

  • Days Since Last Visit and Date of Most Recent Visit
  • Number of Visits to the Account
  • All Open Tasks and Potential Opportunities
  • Names and Number of Contacts at the Account
  • Number of Employees, Annual Revenue, Industry
  • Curated News Feed to walk in the door and drop some knowledge

BONUS: when you both arrive, you’ll receive notifications on your phone so you can spend those extra seconds mapping out a strategy for the pitch.

Save time with the Glogger account management and mapping tools today.


Easily Create Tasks and Log Account Activity

You get to the end of the day and all you want to do is get outside, hit the gym, or take a nap.

But first… you’ve got to log your activity for the day. Perc a pot of coffee, forget the beach and pull up a chair.

Nope. The day is yours.

Thanks to easy account management and task tracking in the app, you logged all your tasks and account activity, added new contacts and created new opportunities as you were walking out the door and on your way to the next account.

Learn more about streamlining tasks and managing your Salesforce accounts through Glogger.


ID and Seize Every Opportunity

You’re knocking on doors everyday. Instead of looking at these daily calls and visits as opportunities for your clients, flip the switch on them. You are the opportunity they have been waiting for and you’re here to bring value to their business.

During your last meeting, a client mentions a new promotion, an article they just read, a new hire to free up time to grow the business… the list and the opportunities go on, and your client is waiting for someone to take the reins.

You could walk out and think, “I’ve done my job, I’ve got to rush to my next client, I need more hours in the day so I can make another sale.”

Or, you can quickly add an opportunity and leave a reminder for yourself:

  • Follow up on Fall Promotion – Success and Recommendations
  • Research Topic A for this account, send further articles
  • Send start-up guides for new hires in this industry
  • Research latest trends and growth opportunities, send a list of links

Whatever that opportunity may be, become a valuable resource for your clients and ensure you remain top of mind.

Next time they need something, you’re their first call.

Glogger allows for seamless integration, turning you into a Carpe Demon, leaving no stone unturned.

Don’t let another opportunity slip through the cracks, start crushing opportunities now with Glogger.


Be Your Client’s News Resource

The quickest way to win business from any account is by establishing yourself as the expert in the field, the go-to resource for news and trends coming from a client’s industry.

But you don’t have time to log all your account activity, let alone stop for a coffee or grab a bite.

The News Feed from Glogger creates custom news feeds based on your accounts and delivers news directly to your phone.

Email articles on the fly to your accounts, research the news ahead of the next meeting or run through the latest news from your account snapshot as you walk in the door. Either way, you look like the hero as you deliver the most relevant trends, stats and current events.

Once you’ve established your authority in their industry and positioned yourself as the one source that knows more than they do about their business, they are putty in your hands.

Learn more about the benefits of being your client’s greatest resource with the Glogger custom news feed.

No More Excuses: Reach Your Potential Today
You know you’ve got it in you, what are you waiting for? You’ve got the desire to win that deal, you can feel the momentum building, you just need the right tool to bring it all together.

Glogger is that tool, it is opportunity knocking.

Download the Ultimate Salesforce App Today

No more excuses needed. Take control of your career and success and surprise everyone (most importantly, your manager).

Not Convinced? Read Our Entire Series on Salesforce Domination

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